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Welcome, is a consumer focused site dedicated to reviewing accredited institutions that provide financial services to individuals and businesses. Your standard all American insurance company provides financial services ranging from health and life insurance to auto and home owners policies. Before you entrust your hard-earned money with one of these financial juggernauts it would be prudent to do a little cost and coverage detective work.

Foremost you'd want to determine if your claims will be covered, should events occur that require you and your family to rely on the safety and protection sold to you in the form of an insurance policy. What are folks saying about insurance companies, how does your insurance company rate within their industry do they deliver when personal catastrophe strikes?

Day after day we receive horrific news articles and information concerning our changing world and its proliferation of sudden disasters. Calamity can strike quickly and undo years of even the most thought-out financial planning. For those of us who have personally experienced the effects of calamity and disaster in today’s economic environment, the importance of a reliable insurance company becomes surreal. The quality of an insurance policy, more importantly its expedient payout, becomes the difference between rebuilding the quality life that most spend decades aspiring to, or otherwise surrendering to, a downward spiral of never-ending hardships impelled upon us by spiritual forces we vaguely perceive.

INS provides consumers the opportunity to compare insurance companies’ public ratings, private sentiment, and provides competitive price quotes via local representatives of top-rated national carriers.

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