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Good health is a commodity that most of us cannot afford to live without. Advancements in medical knowledge and treatment provide a higher quality of life in society today. Nevertheless medical attention is costly and an unexpected health emergency can quickly erode a life time of savings. Health insurance today is necessary to maintain high standards in health and prevent sudden financial devastation. Health insurance can be obtained either privately or through plans funded by the government at the federal state or local level.

Private health insurance:

Private health insurance is coverage offered through one's employer, or that of the relatives. Employment-based group health insurance plans are common among large employers. Health insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Erie insurance, and others provide healthcare enrollment in HMO and PPO health plans for employees who have elected to enroll in their companies’ health benefits plan. Employers can not guarantee long term medical care. Insurance companies continually raise group health copay, modify deductibles and elections based on fraud and abuse, changing eligibility and codes, as well as paying increased costs by doctors.

Family health insurance:

Self-employed health insurance and small business health insurance are both examples of direct purchase plans that can be bought from a private insurance company. Insurance companies are able to offer self-employed individual health insurance plans that function much like the major medical insurance plans of large employers via association health plans. Consumers are getting private business health insurance policies that cover pregnancy, baby health, and dependents by contacting local agents and brokers online.

Federal Health Benefits:

Popular categories for federal health insurance programs include Medicare including Medigap supplemental insurance, which helps defray the cost of health insurance for people 65 and older and certain individuals with long-term disabilities. Medicaid provides medical assistance for the elderly and poor, military healthcare includes Tricare and VA programs for veterans of the armed forces. Other plans such as FEHB, FEGLI, HSA health savings accounts, and Health Net are available to families and in the dependents through a various government programs. Find out more about medical assistance for the uninsured at LINK.

State Health Plans:

SHIP, known as the State children's health insurance program, which is administered at the state level provides healthcare to low income children whose parents might not otherwise qualify for Medicaid. Examples of other state administered health plans include MHIP and HCFA.

Benefits of reputable Health Insurance Carriers:

  • Most major insurance carriers offer travel insurance, international health insurance, and short term temporary health insurance to expats and others who frequently find themselves in need of trip insurance.
  • As added benefit insurance, vision insurance stability insurance and life insurance can be bundled in with most private and government health plans.
  • COBRA continuation coverage is available to certain former employees that allow them to extend their existing group plan for a limited amount of time. provides consumer resources such as guides, articles and FAQ fact sheets, which assists individuals in comparing health insurance companies.

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